DFSA plan 2019 business formation in Dubai
Business Company Formation in Dubai Dubai


The Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA) has published its Business Plan for the period 2019 to 2020. The Plan covers the DFSA’s core activities, and strategic and regulatory priorities for the coming two years.

The strategic themes set out for the next two years are; Delivery, Sustainability, Engagement and Innovation.

Delivery relates to the DFSA executing its core function with professionalism and efficiency, ensuring delivery of world-class regulation and effective enforcement in the DIFC.

Sustainability is about positively shaping the environment and the organization for the long-term; this involves enhancing organizational robustness and resilience, and supporting Dubai Government Strategy and DIFC development.

Engagement pertains to thoughtfully and actively engaging with our key stakeholders including our regulated firms, local, regional and international regulators, and global standard-setters.
Innovation involves undertaking a creative and facilitative approach as a regulator and as an organization. This includes facilitating FinTech development and being part of RegTech advances.

PLAN: https://www.dfsa.ae/en/Your-Resources/Publications-Reports#Business-Plan


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