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There’s a new way to pay your bills: UAE launches one-stop services app

People will no longer have to download separate apps for different entities

Residents will soon be able to pay bills and fines for all government departments through a single smartphone application.

More than 16 government entities have already signed on and, once in operation, it will remove the need for people to download different apps to pay different bills.

The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority – which is launching the “oneapp oneportal” system – is currently testing the service and it is set to be launched in August.

Maher Al Mulla, project manager at the TRA, said the app will bring services from several federal departments together. It is also expected that the app will have a radio tuner.

There are currently many apps available in the UAE for people to access government services. The Ministry of Interior’s app is one of the most popular and can be used to pay fines and request a good conduct certificate. Dubai Now, which is popular with the emirate’s residents, can also be used to pay bills.
Now the TRA’s app will being all these services together for the first time.


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