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Emirates airlines plans to offer Netflix-style personalized entertainment in 2020

Exclusive: Emirates airline’s personalised entertainment options based on previous preferences will be available in just over a year

Emirates airline will begin offering tailored, Netflix-style personalised content in 2020, according to Patrick Brannelly, the airline’s divisional vice president of customer experience, in-flight entertainment and connectivity.

In an exclusive interview with Arabian Business, Brannelly said that the airline’s in-flight entertainment system will allow passengers to log-in and be presented with tailored offerings matching previous preferences, such as movies based as previous choices.

“The idea is that you log-in to a seat, just the same as you would log-in to Netflix,” he explained. “For example, if you log-in to a system and you choose to watch a German movie, you’re probably German, so let’s bring all the other German content to the top … if you’re watching a film for a four-year-old you’re probably young, so let’s bring the younger content to the top.”

Personalise content

Brannelly added that over time, the system will use ‘smarts’ and AI to personalize content for each customer.

Passengers who prefer to remain anonymous don’t have to log-in to use the entertainment system.

The new system – which is being developed by French multinational Thales – will be available in little over a year from now, according to Brannelly.

He said that the system could “potentially” lead to tailored advertising, or may include no advertising whatsoever.

Brannelly said the airline sees providing better entertainment options than their competitors as “core” to the airline’s operations and success.


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