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UAE residents may bag great deals at the souks and jewellery stores as gold prices fall to cheapest in over three weeks

Dubai: Gold fans in Dubai could bag some great deals at the souks and jewellery stores today, as prices have just dropped to their lowest level in weeks.

The latest price list from the Dubai Gold and Jewellery Group, an association of gold retailers, showed that rates have gotten cheaper by more than Dh5 per gram compared to the peak prices in February.

Gold’s latest weakness has been a result of the strengthening of the US dollar. The American currency surged to its highest point in two weeks on Tuesday.

As of 9.30am, 24-karat (24k) gold was selling at Dh157 per gram, down from Dh162.50 last February 20. Gold was also a lot pricier a few days ago, trading at Dh159.75 per gram last March 21.

Jewelleries in other purities have also gotten more affordable, with 22K now selling at Dh147.25, 21K at Dh140.75 and 18K at Dh120.50 per gram.

Today’s prices are the lowest since March 8. Spot gold touched $1,285.80 an ounce early today before settling at $1,286.85 an ounce by 7.32 am.


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