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“Together, we are stronger” An open-minded approach from the director of one of the busiest consultancies in town

Parents in Dubai have found a new partner to get professional advice on education and career building. Rema Menon Vellat, founder and director of Counselling Point Training and Development, heads one of the busiest consultancies offering counselling services to children in distress. Try giving her a call and her standard answer would be, “I am […]

Hospitality Brands in MEA
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More investment opportunities will open for Global hospitality brands in MEA

The Middle East and Africa (MEA) region continue to provide opportunities for global hospitality companies, with both Marriott International and Hilton announcing plans to expand their hotel portfolios in the region in the next few years. Marriott International revealed that it expects to add 19 new propertie to its MEA portfolio in 2019. This is […]

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Mergers and Acquisitions(M&As) are bound to happen in the UAE’s insurance sector

Mergers and acquisitions (M&As) will inevitably happen in the UAE’s overcrowded insurance and Takaful industry but analysts said those individuals holding larger stakes in the companies are willing to sell at a much higher price which is not attractive for the buyers. “M&As are inevitable to happen in the UAE and the GCC. Usually, banks […]