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Sheikh Mohammed’s transparent approach to governance gains praises from experts

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, has sent another strong message on governance: That he is not going to tolerate poor government services and he declared that he would remove staff and officials who are not performing well.

Taking to Twitter on Monday morning, Sheikh Mohammed shared a photo of long queues at a branch of Emirates Post. For the spirit of transparency and strong customer service, he reprimanded the government agency and publicly shared its performance report.

The photo that was shared was from a team of ‘mystery shoppers’ or investigators that was assigned to measure the quality of service as well as staff performance at Emirates Post. They returned with a photo showing customers waiting in long queues.

In his tweet, Sheikh Mohammed disapproved of the poor service. “This is not our level. These are not our services. Whoever provides such level of services will not be in my team,” he said.

Moreover, the Karama office, which handles 80 per cent of Emirates ID transactions, has not done a capacity-building to handle a large number of customers. Serving the people is top in the list of 10 commandments of governance, that was issued by Sheikh Mohammed in his latest book titled Qissati (My Story).

Experts hail Sheikh Mohammed’s transparent approach to governance

Sheikh Mohammed’s tweet was not the first time that he has surprised government officials. In 2016, he visited various government departments including the Dubai Municipality, the Dubai Lands Department, the Economic Development Department (DED) and Dubai International Airport. He was surprised to find directors and senior officials of some departments absent during his visit.

According to a customer service expert, the recent tweet was not public shaming but done in the spirit of transparency.

“Sheikh Mohammed is a great inspiration to others to learn from. This is a transparent approach to leadership. The message is clear for all those to be reminded of the standards that lead to better services across the board,” said Dana Bousaleh, marketing manager, Awards International UAE.

“Using the power of social media is also getting everyone involved in governance. His Highness wants to hear it directly from the people,” Bousaleh added.
Dr Rommel Sergio, a management professor at the Canadian University of Dubai, also praised the leadership style of Sheikh Mohammed.

He said: “It is befitting for a leader to call the attention of people under his governance. Doing this in public resonates transparency and calls for organisational development and change within the customer service sector.”

“This is also in consistency with the “Year of Tolerance” that does not only speak of safety and stability. This year’s bannering slogan and theme highly emphasises happiness, which the government has been promoting all along,” Sergio added.


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