Abu Dhabi Social Strategy
Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi’s Ma’an Authority for Social Contribution announces a new strategy to promote social enterprise and volunteering

The UAE’s commitment of supporting a “culture of giving” is the force behind a series of social reforms being rolled out as part of a major Dh50 billion investment plan for Abu Dhabi.

Social enterprises will be supported and volunteering initiatives encouraged under a new strategy that will bring public and private sectors together to improve the quality of life in the capital.

The Ma’an Authority for Social Contribution, a body set up by President Sheikh Khalifa in February to promote a sense of civic duty in the emirate, has announced an action plan aimed at championing a philanthropic spirit.

The first government authority of its kind in the region is focused on growing the social sector in Abu Dhabi through four key pillars.

A social investment fund will use cash raised from public and private partners to channel towards community initiatives.

A new financial model for contracting public services, called social impact bonds, will also be introduced.

A social incubator programme will be launched with the aim of nurturing and creating more not-for-profit organisations and social enterprises in the city.

The final part of the social support mission, a community engagement programme, will create more opportunities for people to volunteer and offer support for voluntary organisations.

“Ma’an is mandated to deliver a social impact in Abu Dhabi, introducing new programs and partnerships that will channel our community’s philanthropic efforts towards shared goals that support the common good.”


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