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Abu Dhabi launches Dh535 million investment fund FOR start-ups and new venture capitalists

Abu Dhabi launches the Dh535m Ghadan Ventures Fund to invest in start-ups, diversify the economy, attract investors and build a tech hub in the capital.

The Ghadan Ventures Fund, managed by state-run Abu Dhabi Investment Office (Adio), has two programmes to boost venture capital available to Abu Dhabi-based start-ups and attract new fund managers to operate in the emirate, Adio said in a statement on Tuesday.

“We are helping new venture capitalists establish in Abu Dhabi to ensure local start-ups have access to more investors, whilst also driving the establishment and growth of start-ups in Abu Dhabi by increasing the amount of investment capital available in the market,” Elham AlQasim, chief executive of Adio and executive director of Ghadan 21 programme, said.

The oil-rich emirate rolled out Ghadan 21 last September, a Dh50 billion stimulus package to accelerate economic growth and non-oil revenues, of which Dh1bn is allocated to Hub71. Part of that is Dh535 for the Ghadan Ventures Fund, which aims to attract 100 companies over the next three to five years. The hub will offer cost-of-living subsidies to start-ups that open for business there as part of its Dh1 bn commitment.

Under the New Managers Fund, new Abu Dhabi-based VCs can apply for fund matching, based on the amount they raise in the private market.

““Entrepreneurialism will be a key driver of Abu Dhabi’s economy and we are working to further enable local entrepreneurial talent, attract global entrepreneurs and build a thriving integrated start-up ecosystem,” Ms AlQasim said.

Mahmoud Adi, the the head of Hub71, said the timing is right for start-ups and investors to come to the region given the 31 per cent increase in total funding and a 13 per cent increase in the number of deals made in 2018, compared with the year before.

“There are great start-ups to be found right here in Abu Dhabi,” Mr Adi said. “There’s never been a better time in this region for both startup and investor … There is great potential for the fund, and we will be supporting members of Hub71 to apply and make the most of this unique opportunity.”


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