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YouGov reveals the top 10 most popular UAE brands

The Dubai airline, Emirates has once again been named the top brand for consumers in the UAE, according to YouGov’s BrandIndex annual brand health rankings.

YouGov’s rankings are collected by taking “consumers’ perception of a brand’s overall quality, value, impression, reputation, satisfaction and if consumers would recommend the brand to others”. It then takes the 52-week rolling average of the index score.

Emirates’ score of 60.7 leads the list and way ahead of second-place WhatsApp, which recorded a score of 49.8.

Other brands who made it into the top 10 rank were Samsung in third (up from fifth last year), Carrefour in fourth (up from 10th), Google fifth (down from second), YouTube sixth (down from fourth), Almarai seventh (same place), Apple eighth (down from sixth), iPhone ninth (no change) and Samsung Galaxy tenth (new entry).

Aside from the top 10, YouGov also revealed the most improved brands in the UAE during the past 12 months.

With a change in score of +9.8, Net tops the most improved brand of 2019.

Huawei was another to climb the ranks, gaining 8 points, despite the global controversy surrounding security concerns with the Chinese tech giant.

“Warner Bros World (6.9) and Coca-Cola (6.4) have also shown improvement and sit at third and fourth in the list. (4.2), Downy (3.9), Colgate (3.7), Mai Dubai (3.7) and Pepsi (3.5) are the other improvers in the list of most improved brands of 2019,” YouGov said.

In the annual global rankings released by YouGov, using data from 29 countries, eight of the top 10 brands are considered tech companies, with Google coming top, followed by WhatsApp and YouTube.

You can see the top 10 in the tweet below:


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