11 Start ups to participate in the 3rd Abu Dhabi accelarator program
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11 selected start-ups to join the third Plug and Play, ADGM accelerator program

Global innovation platform Plug and Play in partnership with Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM), has selected a set of 11 startups ranging from fintech to travel to AI to participate into their third fintech and the first travel and hospitality accelerator program.

This will run into three months providing selected startups the possibility to execute proof of concepts and work alongside Plug and Play and ADGM’s corporate partners.

Participating startups for the fall 2019 cohort:

AR4: AR4 is an augmented reality firm based in Austria and Silicon Valley. It develops B2B solutions for infrastructure remote maintenance in indoor and outdoor scenarios with head-worn devices.

Bankify: Bankify offers a set of microservices tailored to millennials to improve the user experience of their partners’ digital and mobile banking solutions.

CyberTalents: CyberTalents is a platform that scores and ranks security professionals based on their technical skills by running capture the flag competitions to help businesses find the talent they’re looking for.

DAPI: Almost every fintech software either requires financial data of its users, or the ability to authorize bank transactions. DAPI has packaged this into one single API that connects fintech apps to banks all over the region.

E-bot7: E-bot7 is a solution integrating AI into existing or custom CRM systems to increase the efficiency of customer service operations.

Mostly AI: Mostly AI offers a Synthetic Data Engine that can be used to unlock data assets that otherwise have to be locked away for privacy reasons.

Road.Travel: Road.Travel is a trip planning and packaging platform (white-label) for airlines, hotels, rental cars, travel agencies, tour operators, automotive & Mobility as a Service (MaaS) companies.

Steerpath: Steerpath is a universal indoor positioning platform for all venue types. It allows for asset tracking, way-finding, and staff tracking all in a single platform facilitated by wireless infrastructure and calibration free installation.

Toucan Toco: Toucan Toco is a data storytelling platform focused on communicating data to management and aligning teams from top decision makers to operational teams.

Ushur: Ushur is a service engagement platform that digitally transforms enterprise workflows by automating back-end processes and customer conversations.

Verrency: Verrency is a white-label SaaS that is both an API platform and marketplace, operating live in real-time in the payments authorization flow, enabling issuers to deliver both native and fintech services to their customers.


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