UAE fit out market experience a boost owing to expo 2020
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UAE’s Fit-out market expects booming business in 2020

The Expo 2020 Dubai preparations are motivating a lot of local and international investors to boost their operations in the UAE.

The increasing options for affordable housing is making the UAE’s fit-out industry booming this year, inspiring residents to be homeowners.

Business owners are very optimistic that the industry is in for a busy period in 2020 and beyond. New reforms in long-term visas are enabling residents to plan and build long-term stay in the region which has given the food and beverage sector a constant need to innovate both in terms of business and boosting customer experiences by refurbishing properties.

On the latest industry trends, Mihir Sanganee, design director, Designsmith, said sectors like F&B, hospitality, retail and office still see a steady growth in demand.

“We can see an increase in demand for home design and renovations with the rise in number of home-owners. Free-hold properties also contribute to that trend. There is a big push for being sustainable and refurbishing existing spaces instead of constructing new ones,” he said.

He also said the F&B sector is currently driven by the unique concepts and consumers are more conscious about materials and products used in their homes and offices – ethically-sourced, natural, recycled and locally-sourced product are in demand.

Geetha Nayak, managing partner of Design Infinity, said that Dubai and Abu Dhabi are both experiencing robust growth, wherein the
fit-out UAE market experience an upward trend owing to Expo 2020.

A Faithful+Gould’s report forecasts the UAE fit-out market to reach $973.4 million (Dh3.4 billion) by 2022. At the same time, the renovations and refurbishment market in UAE is also on the rise. Experts estimate renovations can add between 10-15 per cent to the selling price, something that is promoting a lot of owners to remodel and upgrade their older properties.


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